Ireland Newfoundland Festival 2012

The Ireland Newfoundland Festival is an annual festival that alternates yearly between the Island of Newfoundland and Ireland. This festival is a unique opportunity to explore what has been called "the most Irish place in the world outside of Ireland" - where family names, accents, music and rituals from Southeast Ireland are dominant to this day. A unique connection between the two countries is fostered through a programme of cultural, heritage, educational and business events.




The 2012 Festival will be held from August 24th to Sept 1st in the southeast region of Ireland and a large group of performers and visitors from Newfoundland will participate. This festival is a celebration between both the peoples and culture of the Irish Loop and the Cape Shore areas of the Southern Avalon, Newfoundland as well as the south eastern counties of Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny, South Tipperary and Carlow.


This area of Newfoundland is known for its distinctive Irishness as a result of significant Irish emigration to the area between 1750 and 1820. The aim of the Festival is to promote and re-enforce these ties and to foster future collaboration between both areas.


The first Festival was held in June 2005 when 30 people from Newfoundland travelled to the Waterford and Wexford area. Since then, the Festival has grown each year. In 2006, approx 80 Irish participants travelled to Newfoundland and in 2007, 100 visitors from Newfoundland enjoyed 10 days with us in the Southeast.


Various themes include cultural, historical, and educational events. Community development projects are an important aspect each year and run throughout the festival. This year, numerous fringe tourist and fun events will also take place within the host communities in Newfoundland. The Festival is supported by Waterford County Council,Waterford City Council, South Tipperary County Council, New Ross Town Council, Dungarvan Town Council, Waterford Leader, South Tipperary Development Company, Kilkenny Leader, Waterford I.T. and Carlow I.T.


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